Day 5 – Tobermory to Acharacle

Today was one of our laundry days. We only had one change of clothes for cycling so every two days we were finding places to do laundry. At Tobermory there is a fantastic Harbour Association Building with showers and a laundry. We put our washing on and headed off for breakfast. Its funny how satisfying I found doing the laundry. Light bags meant more miles so doing the laundry was an enabler.

Today’s itinerary – 23 miles, 1700ft of climbing and 1 ferry.

This was a short day, partly because of the way the ferry and accommodation worked out and partly because we thought it would be nice to have days when we could take our time a bit more.

The Ardnamurchan pennisula is probably my favourite place I’ve ever cycled in Scotland, it reminds us a lot of the Bay of Islands on the North Island in Zealand.

We’d previously stayed at the Loch Shiel hotel at Acharacle, I called them up to see if we could pitch our tent in their grounds, knowing they did good food! The owner suggested he cut some of the grass in his croft and we stay on his land just along the road! The thick grass made a brilliant spot to pitch.

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