Day 3 – Coulaghailtro to Kilchrenan

We found it very difficult to pull ourselves away from these views so we took our time and made the most of not needing to leave the campsite until 12pm!

Today’s itinerary – 55 miles and 3500ft of climbing.

No ferries today which made it a more relaxed day with no deadlines, except to make dinner at the pub in the evening. After 2 nights camping we decided to have some comfort and stay at a pub at Kilchrenan.

We took a slight detour to Crinan for lunch.

The majority of todays cycle had been flat, or flat for Scotland but then we reached Loch Awe. You might think that cycling along a loch would mean a flat ride, think again! To say the road relentlessly went up and down would be an understatement, this was a tremendously tough ride, made all the worse by the weight we were carrying. Maybe on fresh legs it would have been easier.

But we couldn’t believe how quiet the roads were.

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