Leicester Forest CC Women’s Team

Over the last 2-3 years our women’s team has gone from strength to strength. The opening of Leicester Cycle Circuit catalysed this, we started off riding there on dark winter evenings when we didn’t feel safe riding on the roads. We soon had a core of 4-5 riders but this has since doubled thanks to Lucy Sturgess’ energy and commitment to getting more women into racing.

Lucy organised sessions every few weeks throughout the winter months and into the summer. The sessions were really well structured, after warming up we practised chain gangs, team time trials, race starts, sprint finishes, cornering, pretty much anything you could think of…….oh and we did a lot of chatting!…….and sometimes cycled for cake!

Its easy getting out on the sunnier warmer nights when cycling is just a joy but its getting out of the house on the cold dark evenings which is really the challenge. Being part of such a fabulous team makes all the difference, knowing you’ll let people down if you don’t turn up and also secretly relishing the competitiveness of the sessions! Not that I’m at all competitive!

I know I couldn’t have trained as hard on my own and it wouldn’t have been half as fun! I’ve made some fantastic like minded friends and I wouldn’t have achieved half the things I have over the last few seasons without them – thanks team LFCC 🙂 and especially Lucy Sturgess!

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